Never Be Basic is an inspiration movement
NeverBeBasic is an inspirational, empowering campaign design to help to liberate us from what
does not serve us any longer and to make us to remember how Devine we are.
“I see NeverBeBasic as a Spiritual Ministry.”
Oksana Grigorieva

I was so lucky :four leaf clover: I had great many Teachers of the Devine, some of the them weren’t even aware that they were administering a lesson for my highest good.”

I believe we must never let anyone make us
feel less then what we are because
we are Magical, we are Not Basic.

We are multidimensional, constantly evolving spiritual beings living in the human experience.
We are interconnected in so many ways. We are energy.

I forgive myself for forgetting that I am Divine. I’m Unique and so are you!

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